How we got started

For more than 10 years, Dave Skelton has been the driving force behind the food collection and distribution program which has evolved into Fresh Start Charity. He saw that the 2010 recession brought many challenges to the region; real estate values suffered drastic declines, many local businesses failed which resulted in high unemployment. Though we have seen signs of recovery, there are still many people who have been impacted by the recession and remain in need of healthy, nourishing meals on a continued basis.

Fresh Start Charity, Inc. (Fresh Start) is a 501c(3) charitable organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the less fortunate in our community. Six days a week our group of dedicated volunteers pick-up unneeded food items from area grocery stores and deliver them to distribution points here in Orange County. Without this effort, grocery stores would be required to simply throw-out large quantities of fruits, vegetables, and other perishable food products. Fresh Start is a win-win proposition for both our food providers and food recipients.

A key aspect of Fresh Start’s service is our emphasis on delivering fresh food; products picked up in the morning at local stores are typically distributed within minutes of receipt, thus assuring the best possible quality of product to our clients.

A Message To You From Dave Skelton: “Our work on behalf of those less fortunate is very gratifying. Over the ten years I have been doing this work I have heard that our efforts have helped people stay in their homes and held families together. It is clearly about much more than just food. I welcome your interest and of course am deeply appreciative of any help you can give.” Sincerely Dave Skelton