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Your tax deductible gift will allow us to continue our mission. Please consider making a donation today to assure food is available to those less fortunate in our community. You may make your donation online or feel free to write your check to:

Fresh Start Charity
360 E. 1st Street #161
Tustin, CA 92760

Testimonial: Thanks to Fresh Start, we are able to pay for our bill deposits and make some needed repairs and improvements to the property. I am forever indebted to Dave for all of the time and energy he has invested in me and my family. — Chris

Your Donation Helps To Feed Hundreds of Families and Children Who Otherwise May Go Hungry.

You have the option to make a one time donation or choose to make a recurring monthly gift.

If you’d like to donate more or less than the pre-set amounts, you may do so by indicating the amount in the “Other” category.

All The Fresh Start Volunteers Thank You For Your Commitment To Help Fight Hunger!