Our data shows us that about 1 in every 5 children in the region is impacted by food insecurity. Overall 45% of the children enrolled in Orange County public schools qualify for free or reduced price meals. In some school district’s this is as high as 85%.

Why is this so? Unexpected changes in life happen to many around us. The loss of a job, unexpected health issues, the challenge of single parenthood, and many other realities adversely impact the ability of many in our community to meet their basic needs.

Typically these set-backs are temporary. In fact, the majority of visitors to our food distribution events seek our help for perhaps a month or a few months, and then get back on their feet.

By relieving to some extent a family’s budget for food, scarce financial resources can be directed elsewhere, perhaps to cover medical expenses of a loved one, or pay a delinquent utility bill.

Beneficiaries of Fresh Start Charity’s efforts receive assistance with no questions asked; we deny no one who asks for help.

Without the assistance of Fresh Start Charity, our Volunteers and Partners, there are hundreds of people, children and families who may start their day with little or nothing to eat and go to bed hungry.

Fresh Start Charity is here to ensure that every person who wants a decent meal, is able to have one with no qualifications and no questions asked.

Testimonial: “I am for ever so grateful to have found Fresh Start Charity. In 2011 I found myself in a financial struggle after my flooring business slowed down tremendously, due to the housing market crash. I was barely making ends meet so I had started searching for local Church food pantries. Although it was a great help with the box of canned goods i would receive i still needed dairy, produce, breads, and meats, thanks to a volunteer at the pantry who directed me to Dave Skelton’s Charity I was able to get all those things. The money i didn’t have to spend on groceries helped me to pay monthly utility bills and other household needs. Now my business is growing slowly again, I am also blessed to be a volunteer with Fresh Start and thankful to Dave for his friendship and loving heart to help so many people who find themselves in struggling situations.” Cynthia Marie Ingram – Long Beach, CA